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Ceramic Coating

Your car deserves to look as clean and polished as possible, and in addition to our specialty Paint Correction, we go the extra mile to ensure that your car looks in tip-top shape with our state of the art ceramic coating. With our specialty ceramic coating, your car will look just as it did when you first got it, if not better. Ceramic Coatings are used as materials to enhance interaction between moving metal parts, and can also be used to enhance certain processes in manufacturing.

Ceramic Coating can assist with the way your vehicle runs, functions, and looks. We use only the highest grade of car care solutions to ensure the cleanliness of your vehicle is preserved, such as C Quartz, Optipro, and Feynlab a self healing coating.

In addition, we also do all that we can to help limit any future damage, so that you can keep your vehicle’s paintwork in top condition and as clean as possible.

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